David Himbara Murunganwa’s dashed hopes on canceling the Kigali CHOGM 2020 Summit

Heartless Rwanda National Congress terrorist propagandist David Himbara is cracking jokes on a global pandemic; COVID19, a new virus that worries the entire world that was recently declared pandemic by World Health Organisation (WHO). In his satire, he writes a fictitious letter canceling the Commonwealth Head of Government Summit in Kigali. Since he enjoys laughing and satire on global worries, perhaps he will enjoy some satire that targets his most sensitive secret.

David Himbara’s letter to his secret lover (From a Coronavirus quarantine)

Dear Eric,

Life has not been fair to us, yesterday I was taken to quarantine by force by health officials. They suspect I have COVID19, a virus that has spread everywhere here in Canada. Last week, I was joking about it saying that the Commonwealth meeting will be canceled in Kigali but now I have it.

I cannot believe that I now have two viruses living in my old body, it is so unfair. I know how I got my first virus in Nyamirambo; don’t worry, I forgive you for infecting me with it, at least we had fun. But this second virus, COVID19, is really not fair; they suspect I got it from a handshake with Rujugiro, my paymaster. I guess shaking hands with the devil comes with a price to pay.

COVID19 is going to finish RNC, if Rujugiro has it, he will infect Museveni, our Chief Terrorist Officer Kayumba Nyamwasa, and our entire Uganda Province team. It is really going to finish us especially since we like seating in fake meetings planning and discussing nothing.

With both viruses, my chances of survival are very low, all I want now is a huge joint of weed but they will not allow me to smoke in quarantine. I just hope COVID19 gets to Africa and Rwanda in particular. I don’t think it is fair for me to get this nasty virus alone.

Hoping to see you soon,

David Himbara Murunganwa

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