Nutty RNC Corporal RPF Gakwerere spins Gen Delphin Kahimbi’s death to smear Rwanda

Major General Delphin Kahimbi of the DR Congo army FARDC died on Friday 28 February, 2020, at his home in the capital, Kinshasa. On the day of his death, Kahimbi was scheduled appear before the country’s Security Council, to answer to subversion charges. The army concluded after an investigation that Kahimbi committed suicide by hanging.

However, Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere thinks he knows better than Kahimbi’s nation and his family. Disputing the official statement, CMI sponsored mercenary Obed Katureebe claims that there was a cover up of the cause of Kahimbi’s death, attributing it to his favourite scapegoat – Rwandan security organs. It is part of his CMI terms of reference to attribute every high profile death in the region to the Rwandan government. In his deranged mind, Obed Katureebe makes one wonder whether Rwanda is the colonial master of the Great Lakes region, because of the way he makes it look like Rwanda is in charge of the security of the region.

Gen Kahimbi was also on an EU sanctions list for alleged human rights violations and hindering the democratic process in the DR Congo. The officer who many know as a symbol of the torture and oppression is said to have been on suspension as he awaited appearance before the DR Congo Security Council.

While serving as second in command charged with Kimya 2 operations in South Kivu and second command in charge of operations and intelligence for the 34th military region in North Kivu, he was accused of collaboration with genocidal force FDLR, yet the operation was aimed at disarming and eradicating the terrorist group.

Nonetheless, for Obed Katurebe to allege any involvement of Rwanda in the death is contemptible; it is part of his usual sterile accusations to pin Rwanda on any death that occurs in the Great Lakes Region, as a schizophrenia patient, in lunatic Katurebe’s impaired reasoning, he thinks Rwanda is responsible for the region’s security.

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