Analysts laugh off Uganda’s provocative rhetoric on Rwanda’s alleged alliance with Gen Tumukunde

“If I was Rwanda, I would support anyone who wants to cause change in Uganda”, these words were uttered by Lt-Gen. (Rtd) Henry Tumukunde as he announced his plans to challenge Yoweri Museveni. It is public knowledge that Tumukunde hates Rwanda and that he was a key figure in the persecution of Rwandans. He now finds himself arrested following his remarks considered treasonous by the Museveni regime. The Tumukunde saga is an example of how the Ugandan regime always wants to export its drama by dragging in Rwanda.

Not so long ago, Tumukunde was considered very influential and powerful in the Ugandan system. The retired General occupied several key positions in the Uganda regime and used all his might to persecute Rwandans. When he was the regime’s Minister of Security, he launched a witch-hunt based on fallacies that Rwanda had infiltrated Uganda’s security sector. It is ironic that he now finds himself in the dock accused of treason for mentioning the word, “If I was Rwanda, I would support anyone who wants to cause change in Uganda”

Tumukunde would probably be the last person on planet that would advise Rwanda on anything, Museveni and the ruling NRM party know this very well, but they opted to arrest him on a charge that has the “Rwanda” key word in their distraction notebook. His arrest places Rwanda in the mix of Ugandan politics, a deliberate move by those who have made a habit of using Rwanda as a scapegoat.

In Kabale, after failing to secure the Rwanda-Uganda border opening, Museveni falsely claimed that it was a Rwandan internal problem that led to a border closure. Tumukunde’s case proves the contrary; wrangles in the Ugandan ruling party and the whole government is the source of their problems, Rwanda is a mere excuse.

Tumukunde was wise enough to strategize on his presidential bid media coverage; he had to mention Rwanda so that all media house outlets pick interest in him given the sensitivity of the Rwanda-Uganda matters. But then we all know that this whole thing was crafted to drag Rwanda in Uganda’s mess.

How else would anyone justify that Tumukunde who jailed and personally tortured innocent Rwandans is now jailed for working with Rwanda to cause change in the Ugandan leadership, no way this actually more just that will deceive none.

If I was Uganda, I would ask the ruling class to forget Rwanda and focus on Uganda.

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