CMI Troll Katureebe of RPF Gakwerere says Museveni, Nkurunziza unconcerned by the global pandemic COVID-19

Uganda Communication Commission’s Obed Katureebe, who trolls Rwandan leaders on behalf of his paymaster Museveni under the Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere pseudonym on Facebook, is bitter that the Rwandan President did not include his master Museveni and Burundi’s self-quarantined supreme leader, Nkurunziza in the WHO #SafeHands Challenge.

As he wipes his tears, Obed contradicts himself thus: “President Peter Nkurunziza or President Museveni won’t give a damn about a silly man’s Twitter challenge”. Exactly! Everyone knows that the two rulers are totally detached from the real world, and it would therefore be futile to involve them in a high stakes challenge like this one.

The World Health Organisation overlooked them for various valid reasons, one of them being the fact that, as Obed rightly stated – they don’t give a damn. They don’t know and don’t care whether there is a global pandemic threatening to annihilate the global population. These two live in their own weird world. That is why it would be an unnecessary waste of breath to pass the WHO challenge to them.

For any campaign to succeed, a social media campaign nonetheless, you need to use global influencers. That is why WHO chose the Rwandan President who is an avid social media personality, and a global mover and shaker, and has been named among the most influential personalities in the world on numerous occasions. It is in everyone’s knowledge that none of the two men have been even named as influential in their own countries.

WHO entrusted the challenge to the Rwandan President, it is therefore upon him to keep the challenge alive by passing it on to like-minded influential global leaders so that the Coronavirus pandemic can be effectively and quickly eradicated through hygiene.

CMI pay-per-post troll Katureebe should know that this is not personal; it’s not a football pass game between teenage boys where the ball must go around. Now that Katureebe, as an errand boy has seen the challenge, he should make himself useful and pass the message to his master Museveni, who will pass the same to his buddy Nkurunziza (the supreme leader) so that they can learn the culture of washing hands for the sake of their own people.

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