CMI loudmouth Titus Seruga cooks up COVID-19 cases in Rwanda to earn his paycheque

The CMI dwarf Titus Seruga, is circulating rumors on Rwanda as directed by his Ugandan intelligence sponsors. Seruga, aka Serubwa or Kaseruga, along with all other CMI trolls are using the ongoing COVID19 outbreak to push their anti-Rwanda propaganda. Incredibly, although he lives in a country more affected by COVID19, Kaseruga finds the courage to smear Rwanda on COVID19.

His reckless post illustrates without a doubt that he is a sponsored troll paid to write rubbish. In his claim that Rwanda has a thousand cases of the viral infection, he forgets that the World Health Organization publishes data. No one will be looking for data from his smearing Facebook page for information always hiding behind anonymous secret sources that only exist in his head.

As a mouthpiece, he looked to his backyard, for inspiration to weaponize a tragedy. As of March 17, 2020, his country of residence has 1058 cases of COVID19 while Rwanda counts 7 stable cases. His country of residence already registered 10 deaths but since he is paid to smear, he throws out all logic and claims, “there are 1000 cases in Rwanda”.

His claims that he swift reaction to close schools and ban public gathering events in Rwanda could not have been done for one case. He tops that up with a lie that the Netherland embassy had closed in Kigali; most offices are now operating online with most staff asked to avoid unnecessary movements. Rwanda and most countries that were lucky to face the outbreak much later than Asia, Europe and America have the benefit of more knowledge about best practices. It is now clear that the earlier one moves to curb all public gathering, the easier it becomes in managing the outbreak.

The CMI dwarf should know that his height is not a protection against the COVID19 pandemic. Instead of wasting his breath of smear and rumor, the short man ought to focus on the global fight to contain COVID19 by washing his hands. In his case, he should also wash his mouth of rumors.

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