CMI’s tabloid Softpower’s petty games on the world pandemic COVID-19

Sarah Kagingo’s SoftpowerNews tabloid is playing politics with the COVID-19 global pandemic. Sponsored by the Ugandan regime via the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), SoftpowerNews’s mission is to run anti-Rwanda propaganda in support of terrorist militias like RNC, FDLR, and RUD-Urunana that want to destabilize Rwanda.

As Rwanda takes preventative measures to combat COVID-19, measures that have been taken by other countries, SoftpowerNews sounds the alarm and claims Rwandans will be “grounded” in their country.

As usual, Kagingo uses a fake –labeled as anonymous– source to create a narrative. She tries to link measures taken to combat COVID-19 with the current travel advisory for Rwandans not to travel to Uganda. The travel advisory was issued because of the ongoing persecution of innocent Rwandans by CMI, ISO in collaboration with hostile militia groups operating in Uganda. Hundreds of Rwandans were abducted, held incommunicado in torture centers and forced to turn against their country. SoftpowerNews should note that their persecution of Rwandans has so far caused more harm and death than the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rwanda, just like other countries with real airlines, took measures that made headlines. Understandably, SoftpowerNews would find nothing to report on the 2 planes owned by its sponsor and instead focuses on aviation industry leaders like Rwanda. Most importantly, regardless of measures taken to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, Uganda still remains a dangerous destination for Rwandans.

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