Uganda’s anti-Rwanda agitators, Kagumire and Muhame, publicly act dumb about legal procedures in defense of a drug trafficker

In what turned out to be the highest level of idiocy, Ugandan State house bankrolled anti-Rwanda rabble-rousers, Giles Muhame of Chimpreports and self-styled activist, Rosebell Kagumire hit the social media waves demanding for the “due process’ of their fellow Ugandan drug trafficker Babara Natty Dread Tonyz.

For starters, Babara was arrested at Kigali International Airport possessing narcotic drugs precisely 20 sticks of cannabis on Friday 14th Feb. He was in transit from Entebbe to Nairobi aboard WB.

Upon his arrest, he confessed to using drugs. Investigators immediately filed the case to the processions that was extended to the court as per the trial procedures. The court later remanded him for 30 days as he prepares his defense while prosecution is also preparing their submissions. He is currently detained at Mageragere prison.

Isn’t it ironical how the duo dumbs ignored this process to advance such treacherous propaganda – and yet their misinformed outcry comes a few days after CommandPost made its usual claims against Rwanda that the drug dealer in question was abducted?

Also, Bob Atwine’s hateful media – CommandPost – sponsored by the Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), and linked to the state house just as nut-heads Mahame and Kagumire, was so desperate in its search for a moral equivalence that it confuses lawful arrest and abduction.

Arrests in Rwanda are done in accordance with the law! In fact, let’s recall that Babara admitted to having been taking drugs and claimed it eases his asthma condition. This was in total violation of Rwandan laws which ban use, traffic and sell of narcotic drugs.

Rwanda informed the Ugandan High Commission about their citizen’s detention unlike hundreds of innocent Rwandans who are arbitrary arrested, tortured & killed without notifying the Rwandan High Commission in Kampala.

QUESTION: Mahame and Kagumire were never activists for due process on the thousands Rwandans detained in Uganda. Why the sudden urge for activism?

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