As the world struggles to contain COVID-19, Uganda state house troll reveals Uganda first family epilepsy secret

Uganda state house and CMI troll, Obed Katureebe is under instruction from his bosses to list all their dirt and closely guarded secrets beforehand, and project them on Rwanda, as a strategy to exhaust all ammunition that might be used against them.

In aviation, when a plane is preparing to crash land, the first thing the pilot does is to empty the tanks of fuel to avoid fire and explosion on impact. This juvenile brain game is called pre-emptive reverse psychology.

For instance, the CMI troll Katureebe is talking about someone in the Rwanda first family with epilepsy. But those who worked in the Ugandan state house and more closely with the Ugandan first family have known for a fact that Janet Museveni has always been epileptic and on medication for a long time.

The Ugandan first lady even genetically passed the same epilepsy to one of her daughters, who also goes for frequent check up outside Uganda. This type of epilepsy afflicting the first family is genetic and incurable and it has always been an issue of concern and embarrassment, since the fits attack without warning, considering that the first family is always out in public.

We can only guess which first family secret Obed will let out of the state house secret bag, as he embarks on his mission of pre-empting anticipated revelations. But if you didn’t know, you now know.

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