Bob Atwine‘s Anti-Rwanda tabloid Spyreports creates a false moral equivalence on #COVID-19 mess in Uganda

As expected, Spyreports is lending credence to a fake video shot by an ill-intentioned individual aiming at always tarnishing Rwanda’s image, where some people were organised and told to act for the camera and circulated on social media as a ploy to strike moral equivalence; after local Ugandan and international media captured gruesome images and footages when Uganda Police, army and LDUs brutally descended on Ugandans in the name of implementing Museveni’s outlandish directives on Coronavirus control.

While the people in the stage-managed video claim to be lacking food, the truth is that the Government did not delay in distributing foodstuffs to all vulnerable families after issuing directives of a 14-day lockdown. While the Rwanda Government is known in the world over for people centered policies, the same cannot be said of the Ugandan government where even old women selling fruits and vegetables are not spared by Museveni’s brutal security agencies.

People should be reminded that under Rwandan Head of State directive, the government is offering free foodstuffs and other essentials to low income earners across the country. People behind the staged video that CMI’s Spyreports published are the self-proclaimed critics who resorted to concoctions and fact distortions to earn money from their anti-Rwanda propaganda sponsors

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