State funded propaganda tabloids divert attention As Museveni’s brutal security agencies descend on Ugandans with beatings, arrests

Charles Kambanda, the sex for grade Professor sponsored by the brutal Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), is distorting Pictures with his twisted mind.

The sex predator takes a picture of Rwandans seating at a stadium respectful of social distance rules and calls it a new punishment. The picture does not show people punished, but it is rather his sadistic mind that sees punishment everywhere.

His links with the Ugandan Intelligence anti-Rwanda campaign is clear. His post and interpretation happens to be a copy paste version of Bob Atwine’s Spyreports —A CMI sponsored outlet— whose only purpose is to smear Rwanda.

if Kambanda and Atwine want to see punishment then they should look at what has been happening in Uganda. The beatings administered to innocent Ugandans by the Police, the Army, and LDUs are worst than beatings during colonial times. They could also ask their CMI sponsor for a tour at torture centers sarcastically called “safe houses”.

Kambanda and Atwine, sponsored by the most brutal regime in the region, should know that torture is not practiced in Rwanda. Moreover, by Ugandan standards, if victims of the Ugandan regime’s brutality saw the fake punishment picture, they would either laugh at it or ask for it. They would beg to be seated down unharmed as punishment. It would be better than the constant clobbering the endure.

The same CMI rumormongering tabloid picked up a photo from social media and alleged he collapsed on the street due hunger; this caught public with no surprise given the tabloid’s mission; the picture shows an epileptic man who collapsed on the street on his way back home, security agents rushed him to the nearest hospital and was later discharged, taken back home. On the contrary this can’t happen in Uganda; her brainwashed security agents are known for beating, torturing the same citizens whom they are mandated to protect.

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