Senile Museveni’s loudmouth Obed Katureebe should advocate for Gen Sejusa, Tumukunde and Gwanga

Regularly, Obed Katureebe (using his pseudo Robert Fati Patrick Gakwerere) attempts to squeeze one last drop of those who fell to his senile Museveni sponsor sweet words. He does so with his prostitute loving uncle Patrick Karegeya who foolishly thought his Rwandan National Congress terror group would make him powerful and did the same with Kizito Mihigo who committed suicide. Katureebe’s cynical exploitation continued today as he turned his attention to Tom Byabagamba and Frank Rusagara.

Both Byabagamba and Rusagara, were trialed and convicted for instilling insurrection amongst other serious crimes. When news broke that they were going to face additional charges for trying to escape prison, Katureebe immediately began his usual exploitation to smear Rwanda.

As he writes fiction, he forgets that unlike Gen Tumukunde and Gwanga, Byabagamba and Rusagara had their day in court. They lost, appealed and lost again, ignoring that their sentence was even reduced. Crucially, the new charges brought against them are new crimes committed while in custody. Convicted criminals have no immunity, they are still accountable for their acts and attempting to bribe their way out of prison is another crime.

Gen Tumukunde and Gwanga were not so lucky. Tumukunde found himself in jail for daring to announce his interest in running for the presidency in Uganda while Gen Gwanga was abducted to a CMI “safehouse” in Mbuya for refusing escorts. Senile Museveni and his Katureebe troll should worry about justice system in Uganda and how they turned their judiciary into a farce.

With thousands held without trial in Uganda including hundreds of innocents Rwandans, the Ugandan regime should not be committing about judicial matters. They should seat back and take notes on how justice is carried out in normal and functional states.

In other countries, suspects are lawfully arrested, allowed legal representation during trial, and if convicted they serve known sentences. There are thousands of cases pending in Ugandan courts where lawyers seek habeas corpus orders trying to determine where their clients are held to no avail. In Uganda, courts can release you just as a car awaits outside to abduct you again. Equally, court in Uganda can issue arrest warrants like in Gen Kyaligonza’s case just to be publicly ignored.

Senile Museveni has developed amnesia over the years, with Katureebe’s post; it is clear that his trolls too have the same mental affliction.

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