Weed Smoking Himbara Running Senile Museveni’s An Anti-IMF Campaign To Cover his High Level Corruption

Through his paid mouthpiece, Senile Museveni is trying to cover a open secret in the financial world. Senile Museveni and weed smoking Himbara are hiding that Uganda cannot access crucial funds due to their corruption record, and specifically, due to the money printing scandal.

His weed addict academic fraud, David Murunganwa aka Himbara, has relentlessly attacked the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) rapid credit facility by claiming that it is for countries poorer than Uganda. He has been disparaging Rwanda and 24 others nations who responsibly sought the Rapid Credit Facility to mitigate the impact of the global pandemic on their economies.

But out of ignorance, the self l-proclaimed professor of international development didn’t verify that basically there are four countries namely São Tomé, Tijikstan, Gambia and Nepal who economically perform better than Uganda but still were granted the IMF emergency credit service relief. This actually confirms that Uganda missed out on the opportunity because of her corruption and funds embezzlement record.

Per capita, Rwanda and at least 4 other countries seeking IMF’s assistance are all richer than Uganda. It is a fact, Uganda needs help and is actually sourcing help elsewhere (For example European Union), but avoids IMF like a plague. Senile Museveni goes further by unleashing his favorite online mouthpiece to belittle those who do seek IMF’s assistance. In reality, it is IMF’s nature and function that Museveni wants to avoid.

Create after the second world war, the International Monetary Fund was tasked to safe guard global monetary and financial stability. It replaced the international gold standards for interstate trade and currency valuation with a new instrument SDR (Special Drawing Rights). IMF lends in SDRs and is paid back in the same meaning an exchange rate has to be established with individual nations. Senile Museveni’s issues is that for IMF to lend him money, he has to submit his Ugandan Shilling to an audit.

As a ritual, every time Uganda approaches elections, Senile Museveni orders his central bank to print money. He does so knowing that it is against national and international financial laws for political gains. Last year, June 2019, reports of yet another currency scandal was widely reported in the Ugandan media. Bank Of Uganda (BOU) faced a money printing scandal where they printed more money than they declared, the worst possible financial crime in IMF’s eyes. Senile Museveni cannot approach them so soon after he was caught red-handed in a printing money scandal.

Faced with pressure, his response is to start a ridiculous campaign to mock those who have the required transparency to seek the assistance from IMF, the institution created for global financial stability. His weed smoking mouthpiece useless attacks on Rwanda are diversions to how his corrupt regime is now denying Uganda crucial help during in such a world crisis.

To access IMF funds, BOU would have to be audited and monitored, Senial Museveni would lose his money printing tool to bribe his stay in power.

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