Senile Museveni “No-show” As Global Leaders join efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic

Obed Katureebe, using his Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere pseudo on Facebook, angrily reacted to a message by the Rwandan President on the COVID-19 pandemic. Katureebe’s anger, who works for Senile Museveni in the Ugandan Communication Commission, comes from the shocking contrast of clarity to his senile Museveni’s sad live TV shows.

Senile Museveni constructed a corrupt regime that feeds on its own citizens. The coronavirus pandemic means so little for the 35 years long ruler that he decided to turn into a mockery with despicable 2hours long live broadcasts.

On social media, an online games began by Ugandans dying of boredom; one sip of “Uganda Waragi” every time Senile Museveni mentions a Lunyakole proverb, two sips if he mentions the liberation, and three for each single time senile Museveni tries to challenge an English language definition. The objective of the game was to get drunk as quickly as possible thus avoiding the sad Senile Museveni COVID-19 show.

One would be tempted to condemn these online Ugandan games but watching the old ruler, half dead, rumbling and mumbling for two hours surrounded by his own ministers to ask questions instead of journalists, one begins to understand the phenomenon. If one considers the faith of anyone that voices an opposing view in Uganda, then it becomes clear why some Ugandans reverted to online games.

Senile Museveni, Obed Katureebe’s sponsor, is brutal and anyone that opposes his comedy laced kleptocracy is crushed. The late Muhammad Kirumira, a young brave police officer that tried to fight corruption found out the hard way. He received death threats from the Museveni regime and subsequently brutally killed in 2018. In Uganda, those who do not tow the line are locked up, tortured and killed.

Senile Museveni is a serial “widow-maker” who has been killing to stay in power. The late Brig Mayombo, Gen Aronda, Gen Kazini, AIGP Kaweesi are just a few of Senile Museveni’s recent killings. Ugandans are justified to play drinking games on Senile Museveni’s 2 hours lectures, it is definitely safer for them.

For other world leaders, a more sensible shield is deployed against senile Museveni’s lectures. They avoid calling or consulting him, leaving him to his 2 hours long live shows as they coordinate on global matters.

Angered by the cold fact that his senile sponsor is irrelevant on the global scene, unable to force those living outside Uganda to follow Senile Museveni, Obed Katureebe viciously attacks clear, trusted and relevant voices leading the continental effort to combat covid19.

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