Senile Museveni’s funded mouthpiece Himbara has failed to grasp that Unlike Uganda, Rwanda chose accountability over “who is who”

Rwanda’s good governance and accountability principles is incomprehensible by the Bahima dynasty nepotistic system in Uganda led by the Rwanda-born Senile Museveni.

One simply has to look at the Senile Museveni’s mouthpiece, David Murunganwa Himbara, reacting to a Rwandan security minister dismissed over an accountability matter to gage how far apart the Ugandan regime is to good governance and accountability. He thinks Rwanda is like Uganda where Bahima are never held to account for whatever failures in office, and whereby Senile Museveni inflicts selective punishment on none-Bahima leaders.

In Uganda, it is actually wise to run cabinet meetings in Runyankore language since all cabinet members are Bahimas and Banyankores coming from the same region west; this sends a very important message to those anti-Rwanda mouthpieces and self-proclaimed critics that Ugandan situation will never be equated to Rwanda’s. Appointments in Rwanda are done on merit regardless of tribe, region etc as has been the case in Museveni’s regime where top government position, high Government institutions, leading companies in the private sector are led by Museveni’s family, relatives and tribemates.

David Himbara’s sponsor, Museveni, turned Uganda in a family property. Through the terrorist movement Rwanda National Congress (RNC), he had hoped to do the same in Rwanda. It is only in Uganda where you will find a First Lady doubling as a Member of Parliament then as Cabinet Minister. Museveni will have you believe that his bedmate is the most qualified person to hold the position of Education Minister and that their “First Son” is the best soldier ever thus making him a general. There is simply no way that Museveni’s mouthpiece will grasp the concept of accountability. How would he hold accountable his dearest wife or his only son Gen. Muhoozi, or brother heir to the Bahima dynasty?

It is not just Museveni’s wife and son at helm of power in Uganda. The Country’s minister of foreign affairs’ daughter happens to be married to the General “First Son”, the minister of security is the cousin of the First Lady; basically, the Ugandan cabinet is a gathering of family and friends. Museveni’s brother, also a General, Caleb Akandwanaho aka Salim Saleh runs a sovereign fund as punishment for his world renowned mismanagement and corruption.

The brother, Salim Saleh, occupied several key positions and always left a trailer-blaze of scandals. When Saleh was the Army commander, he bought helicopters that could not fly, when he was Minister of Microfinance, he robbed Ugandans in broad daylight. In the Bahima republic, Saleh has nothing to worry about since his brother; the Rwandan born Museveni is the president.

Furthermore, Salim Saleh is not just one case; the father-in-law of the “General First Son” is another amongst thousands. Sam Kuteesa, Minister of Foreign Affairs and father-in-law to Museveni’s only son was the subject of international news in numerous corruption scandals. Museveni’s right hand man Kuteesa featured prominently in the Panama Papers offshore banking scandal, Kuteesa and Museveni’s names reappeared in a corruption case in New York. One Patrick Ho was convicted by a court in Manhattan for bribing Museveni and Sam Kuteesa with $500,000 for shoddy dealings. Since then Museveni promised to hold Kuteesa accountable but he never did. To date, Kuteesa is still serving as minister and has nothing to worry about just because he is related to Bahima.

The painful history of Rwanda led some Rwandan to be born outside their home country. That pain led them to unite and liberate Rwanda from divisionism and genocide ideology. Himbara’s talk of “Ugandan” Rwandans is pure divisionism better placed in the Ugandan regime that sponsors him. In Rwanda, Rwandans are all treated equal regardless of where they were born. His toxic segregation inspiration from the father of the current Ugandan nepotistic state is globally unacceptable.

Competence, good governance, transparency and accountability are foreign words to Museveni, his directed attacks on accountable leadership like Rwanda’s, illustrates how foreign these concepts are to him. In the Ugandan led Bahima dynasty, dismissing a minister for an accountability issue is simply scandalous. Predictably, Senile Museveni’s trolls, mouthpieces and propagandists will go in overdrive on such matters only understood by the knowledgeable.

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