Unlike Uganda, there are no sacred cows or untouchable ‘historicals’ in Rwanda when it comes to public service

Senile museveni’s anti-Rwanda blogosphere is abuzz, with every member of the coven trying to outcompete the other on who breaks the news first. The removal of Gen. Patrick Nyamvumba from his duties as Minister of internal affairs seems to have stirred unease in senile Museveni’s camp, triggering the unleashing of his army of trolls to come up with all sorts of deranged theories based on what goes on in their own ecosystem.

Museveni’s Anti-Rwanda online propaganda machinery Led by Museveni’s paid mouthpiece, David Murunganwa aka Himbara, Obed Katurebe of Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere, the sex-for-grade Professor Charles Kambanda and the octogenarian PARMEHUTU ideologue Ugandan State Minister Philemon Mateke, Giles Muhame’s Chimpreports, the dim-witted Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabiligi, Bob Atwiine of Commandpost and Spyreports among others are foaming around the mouth, trying to spin the removal of Gen. Nyanvumba as an ominous development. But in their frenzied cacophony, they forget that they have prophesied doom on Rwanda before when similar movements occurred in the Rwanda government. Apparently, Museveni and his cronies will never get used to the fact that Individuals will never supersede institutions in an accountable leadership.

In order to transform their country and transcend stereotypes, Rwandans made three big choices: to think big, to stay together and to be accountable to themselves. This is what Museveni and his cronies have failed to grasp.

The tyrant has turned Uganda into an extension of his Rwakitura and Kisozi farms, where he has entrenched kleptocracy and cronyism as the guiding principles of his misrule of Uganda.

Having ruled Uganda way beyond his usefulness (not saying he has ever been useful to Ugandans), the frail old man has brought on board his creaky ship all his family, relatives and friends, who have collectively siphoned the country’s resources, leaving the country’s population desperate and needy.

The fact that Museveni gets edgy every time a change is effected in Rwanda and instructs trolls to thrown all sorts of insults is because Rwanda always sets a bad precedent for him, and this always makes his old brain uncomfortable.

In Museveni’s oligarch, the first lady is the minister of education, his son is a super general, wielding a lot of powers over those ahead of him in army rank and appointment. His half-brother, who he appointed to head the ‘Operation Wealth Creation (OWC)’ an initiative that has been termed ‘Uganda’s economy Trojan Horse’ is said to be so powerful he can walk into the central bank make the governor sign off huge amounts of money without accounting for a penny. This is the kind of leadership the Ugandan ruler has always wished for Rwanda.

For the last 35 years, Museveni’s system has indoctrinated a regime of nepotism and cronyism run by “historicals” —a term that defines who is who in Uganda— that rules the country like a personal property. The so called ‘historicals’ consists of untouchables serving in the army and government, and can do as they please with the country’s unfortunate majority population and resources, with the assurance of lifetime immunity from accountability.

This is the reason that Museveni finds it strange when he hears of ministers, generals and other top Rwandan officials being replaced, removed or moved to serve in other capacities. He does not comprehend how everyone can possibly be equal in Rwanda and accountable to the same principles and laws. The fact that there are not sacred cows, which is ‘historicals’ in Museveni speak, is simply baffling.

On their charge sheet, this is how CMI sponsored Chimpreports finds fault in the removal of Patrick Nyamvumba and any other Rwandan government decisions. Now, it is interesting that senile Museveni finds it abnormal that the Rwandan system believes in the country’s young generation as the drivers of the country’s affairs, and keeps making gradual changes to facilitate this transformation. In his system of governance, public office is like matrimony where ‘til death do us part’ is the guiding principle. In Senile Museveni’s kleptocratic establishment, public officials are rotting in office literally, while young, smart and energetic Ugandans are reeling in unemployment and wasting their education and skills on insignificant activities.

Senile Museveni’s online mercenaries ride on his lack of knowledge and understanding of how Rwanda (and other normal states) operate to earn millions from him, by portraying what is normal to look abnormal.

Unlike Uganda, there are no eternal ministerial appointments; policies are not based on individual moods. Patrick Nyanvumba’s removal from office is neither the first of its kind, and neither can it be expected to be the last in a country that values accountability as one of its strongest choices.

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