Senile Museveni pumps stolen COVID-19 money in anti-Rwanda media propaganda after his propagandists ran out of steam

His senility Museveni has an awakward way of venting his envy and jealousy. When he is overwhelmed by the two emotions, he unleashes his overzealous propaganda brigade, prominent among them is his Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) sponsored tabloids CommandPost, Spyreports ( both owned by Bob Atwine), Belgium based dwarf Titus Seruga, Chimpreports, Obed Katurebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere, David Murunganwa alias Himbara, to name but a few of senile Museveni’s anti-Rwanda propaganda manufacturers, who are all on song, after benefitting from the COVID-19 heist.

Owing to healthy bank accounts thanks to the COVID-19 millions their master looted from state coffers, the propaganda machine is in motion, churning out rumours and fabricated facts on an hourly schedule.

In so doing, senile Museveni’s anti-Rwanda propagandists use preemptive tactics like distraction, mirroring of senile Museveni’s issues and outright fiction to deflect attention from scandals and tension at home as well as venting their master’s jealousy and envy.

For instance, while senile Museveni is literally at war with his generals who have started coming out, one by one to denounce his misrule, he instructs his anti-Rwanda propaganda trolls to project his current fights with generals on Rwanda, by fabricating tall tales of a ‘fallout with generals’ in Rwanda.

As Senile Museveni fails to control his bush-war generals; he came up with a conspiracy theory aiming at sowing divisions among Rwandan senior army officials. Back in his UPDF the center can’t hold anymore as the Commander-in-Chief and his generals seem to be heading to different directions. Things are getting worse before getting any better; Gen Henry Tumukunde who served as his spy chief and security minister is now cooling his feet behind bars for just denouncing Museveni’s poor leadership and declaring his presidential ambitions, Gen Kasirye Ggwanga was abducted and now being held at UPDF main barracks Mbuya for supporting Museveni’s lead political opponent MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. Furthermore Gen David Ssejusa Tinyefuza, Museveni’s former head of external intelligence was fired, jailed after revealing “Muhoozi Project”, a plot to make Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba president.

When senile Museveni realised he was making a fool of himself by usurping the responsibilities of his health minister and her COVID-19 task force by giving daily cooked up updates on TV, senile Museveni tells his propaganda minions to condemn his Rwandan counterpart for not doing the same. Yet it’s only him in the whole region who does that. Senile Museveni thinks a President must interfere in issues that can be delegated to other leaders.

Senile Museveni has been in isolation way before the advent of the coronavirus pandemic. His despotic credentials have ensured that he is not invited to any global events, apart from the September United Nations General Assemby (UNGA) meeting where every head of state is invited by default. If this meeting wasn’t there, senile Museveni’s travel itinerary would be confined to Rwakitura. And yet, he makes that Rwanda’s problem, because the Rwandan head of state always has a busy global schedule, where he is invited to prominent global gatherings by merit of his leadership credentials.

Because senile Museveni has made it his business, out of jealousy and envy, to follow whatever the Rwandan head of state is doing, he tied knots around himself when his informers told him that the Rwandan head of state had been seen at a London airport on a medical evacuation. He and his cronies celebrated too soon. Senile Museveni forgets he should not be celebrating the ill health of fellow leaders, because he knows his own is plummeting.

As the sore loser that he is, senile Museveni is still haunted by the Kisangani walloping and will always create excuses for his army’s three humiliating losses. As if an armed war between armies is a fencing match, he says the ‘Rwanda army flouted basic rules of engagement to gain advantage over UPDF.’ As in who even says that? Moreover, someone who calls himself a general.

While the loot from then COVID-19 heist lasts, the world should brace for more ant-Rwanda fabrications by the well fed propagandists.

However, unless senile Museveni plans another heist soon, some of his mouthpieces may soon exhaust their stock of weed and run out of steam.

Senile Museveni has always had a wishful thinking of dividing Rwandans; and make Rwanda a failed state; he has for a very longtime enticed Rwandan generals to rebel against their Commander-in-Chief with intention to topple President Kagame’s Leadership.

Senile Museveni should be reminded that, If all wishes were horses, beggars would ride; Rwanda will not be ruled under his instructions neither will it ever become a kleptocracy like the regime he has ruled for over 35 years.

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