Deadbeat dad Sulah Nuwamanya exploits the passing of Prof. Nkusi for RNC cheap propaganda

The RNC deadbeat dad, Sulah Nuwamanya is a shameless liar, who likes to pretend to be what he is not, and has never been. In bid to win undue respect among his fellow RNC terrorists, Nuwamanya lies through his teeth making false claims. Such nonsense is propagated through his Facebook page where he misleads those who do not know him.

In his recent post, he talks about the late Prof. Laurent Nkusi (RIP) as if he is his equal. He fabricates outright lies about the situation surrounding the creation and ultimate closure of the ‘Weekly Post’. All is concocted in effort to present himself as an important man. The deadbeat dad should quit tarnishing the name of a good man like Prof. Nkuusi with lies, and let him Rest In Peace.

But Nuwamnaya forgets that it’s futile to sanitise himself when everyone knows that he abandoned his family when he moved to Kampala to live with his concubine now fellow terrorist Prossy Boona Baana. The clown left his family in the hands of the Government of Rwanda that now caters for them.

The RNC minion Nuwamanya is lying when he claims there was “registration to establish a newspaper”, the Weekly Post. The Weekly post was published without registration at all, and they sold copies from the boot of a car. If it was a legally registered newspaper, why were they selling copies from a car boot?

Everyone knows how Nuwamanya was booted out of employment at The New Times – plotting insubordination against his superiors and incompetence.

It is ironical that Nuwamanya is busy working with the RNC terror group that is plotting evil against the Government of Rwanda, yet the same government is taking care of his abandoned wife and four children.

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