Senile Museveni’s lapdog Katureebe’s spin of Rwandan Government Appointees a manifest of anti-Rwanda propaganda failure

Senile Museveni’s loudmouth Obed Katureebe (a public officer in the Uganda Communication Commission-CC) hides behind Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere Facebook page to unleash concoctions, insults with intention to spite the Rwandan leadership.

Senile Museveni’s minions are terribly desperate. Ivan Kagame is an adult, Rwandan, educated, and a private businessman. All these are qualifications to sit on Rwanda Development Board (RDB) Board of Directors. Senile Museveni’s lapdog Obed should tell his small Facebook audience in what way Ivan, who will be on the board as a member (contributing thoughts and ideas) will gain?

Ivan is not the director, nor an executive of RDB. He is not even the chairman of the board. Lapdog Obed wants to imply there is something wrong with Ivan’s board membership when there is none.

On the other hand, senile Museveni’s family runs all of Uganda. The regime that funds Katurebe has reached the apex of corruption and nepotism, the country is run like a personal kiosk.

To put this into perspective, here is Senile Museveni’s dynasty in the Ugandan leadership structures:

Senile Museveni: President

Wife (Janet Kataha Museveni): education/sports minister

Brother (Gen Salim Saleh): “special adviser” on everything (while also being the real boss of UPDF, CMI, he’s also in charge of Senile Museveni business scams: “operation wealth creation”, land grabbing etc

Son (Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba): “Genetically Modified General”, “Senior adviser to the president”, who has also been in charge of Special Forces Command (SFC).

Sister: “deputy chairperson of the education service commission”

Daughters (Natasha Karugire, Patience Museveni Rwabwogo): land grabbers that also run human trafficking businesses – selling innocent young Ugandans into Middle East slavery!

Katureebe should wake up and smell the coffee, the destabilization of Rwanda through posting lies on Facebook will bear no results.

Attacking Rwanda on nepotism is an exercise in futility, Senile Museveni and his cronies should first put their house in order before meddling in the neighbor’s internal matters.

Someone better advise Senile Museveni’s minions to learn to sometimes keep quiet.

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