CMI loudmouth Seruga takes his bankroller for a ride with an imaginary encounter with a Rwandan operative

CMI tool, Titus Seruga, alias Serubwa the midget has turned Rwanda into both his cash cow and a means to boost his deflated ego. In order to console his broken heart after the unceremonious dumping by his former Belgian boyfriend, the midget creates wild fantasies.

In one of his trade mark wild lies Seruga the midget conjures up a fake conversation with a Rwandan woman who only exists in his perverted mind, and turns his fantasies into a story to sell to gullible readers.

The said heartbreak (with a Belgian boyfriend) has caused Seruga so much pain and hallucinations and is only lucky CMI is always willing to cash in on his mental condition – but CMI is just that kind of client. CMI is very happy that their lapdog is taking them for a ride, by creating a nonexistent conversation between him and a nonexistent Rwandan woman who ostensibly is after him. Solange Kanimba is only a figment of his imagination.

It is quite apparent that the CMI obsessive attention seeker created a Whatsapp conversation to make CMI believe that he is “an important target” sought by the Rwanda intelligence. “Solange Kanimba” is just a fictitious entity in Serubwa’s head.

Here, it is also important to note that even the stupidest CMI propagandist knows how to project upon Rwanda crimes actually committed by the Ugandan regime – which is what Seruga is doing.

He is concocting a lie basing on how former Ugandan internal security minister, Gen. Aronda Nyakairima died. The late Aronda, also former army chief of staff, died on a flight from South Korea after ingesting a drink laced with poison that a female Uganda regime agent served him. Titus the midget is only smearing Rwanda with crimes that his CMI bosses are most adept at.

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