Senile dictator Museveni trying to learn contemporary military strategy at old age

Today Bob Atwine’s Spyreports posted a story where the senile and cancer-stricken dictator, Museveni commissioned the Wargame Center at Matooke Republic’s senior military College, Kimaka, Jinja District. Kimaka Senior Command and Staff course was established in 2003.

For the last 35 years he has been in power, the senile dictator has been posturing in military uniform to scare every Ugandan – especially his UPDF senior and general officers who harbor the ambition of challenging him because of his misrule and corruption. These officers claim, and rightly so, that the senile and cancer-stricken dictator veered off the course of NRM ideology for which they fought..

In 1995 when Rtd Col Kiiza Besigye raised questions about the direction the country was taking, trouble ensued; it led to his incarceration on false charges. The latest casualty is Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde, who voiced his concern about how the senile dictator has ruled Uganda for the last 35 years.

It is too late for the frail, senile and cancer-stricken dictator to lean contemporary military strategies; the growing anger and resentment within UPDF ranks may topple him any time.

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