Senile Museveni loudmouth Katureebe wants to export tribalistic leadership to Rwanda

As he enjoys his share of stolen Ugandan taxpayer funds (Covid-19 as a pretext), Obed Katureebe, the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) attack dog attempts to instill divisionism among Rwandans. That has been Senile Museveni’s plan since early 1995.

The dim-witted lapdog Katureebe, an officer at Uganda Communication Commission, claims that the Rwandan opposition is a hotbed of Hutu extremists. The Rwandan government is not responsible for what happens in the opposition. If there are Hutu extremists in the opposition is their business. What readers should be reminded of is the fact that there are extremists in the Rwandan opposition who have always believed they can win hearts of Rwandans by pushing their Hutu ethnicity card. But whatever the propagandists that work for the evil regime of senile Museveni will say, Rwandans are more united than ever. They have long graduated from all sorts of divisionism.

Katurebe who is Senile Museveni’s best ass licker is forgetting that people are aware of the weird happenings in Uganda. As a matter of fact, most of Senile Museveni’s opponents are non Bahima. Bobi Wine, the lead critic of Museveni, is a Muganda, Norbert Mao is an Acholu, Besigye is a Mukiga.

Uganda is ruled through tribalism. Museveni has turned the Bahima into overlords of everything in Uganda. Having imposed himself on Ugandans for the last 35 years, Senile Museveni placed fellow Bahimas in all major institutions, occupying top positions. They are the ones pulling the strings in security, intelligence and other top government institutions and leading companies in the private sector.

The clown, Katureebe, should be telling besieged Ugandans how the remaining 46 tribes have been left out. For instance, UPDF is led by a Muhima, Police has a Muhima deputy who undermines his boss (hailing from another tribe) and runs the law enforcement organ. Intelligence organs CMI and ISO are led by Bahima. Where are the remaining 46 tribes?

Despite all his shortcomings, Katureebe, the ass licker, praises Museveni for already known reasons of attention distraction and denigrating Rwanda. Katureebe is truly sunk.

It’s only a matter of when not how, Ugandans soon will liberate themselves from the Bahima cabal.

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