Gullible CMI loudmouth Titus Seruga peddling false information fed to him by CMI

CMI trumpet Titus Seruga aka Serubwa’s jealousy has turned into an obsession. The CMI midget has a particular issue with Volkswagen Rwanda, about which he has been posting on a daily basis, calling the venture a ‘PR’ stunt or a ‘car dealership’ just like Uganda’s Spear Motors.

What his midget brain has failed to register and accept is the fact that Rwanda also has the equal of Spear motors, in Akagera Motors and Rwanda Motors. But Rwanda goes a notch better, and has Volkswagen manufacturing brand new Volkswagen vehicles – transforming Rwanda’s public and private transport sector.

The CMI anti-Rwanda vuvuzela from his shack in Belgium tries to mislead his gullible followers about what happens in Rwanda, using the little misinformation he is fed by his CMI handlers.

Spin as he wishes, but neither him, or other CMI trolls can take away the fact that Volkswagen is established in Rwanda, and producing quality cars.

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