Museveni’s lapdog, Obed Katureebe, inspired by his master’s crimes in Uganda

Obed Katureebe (Facebook pseudonym Rpf Gakwerere) the chief ass licker of senile Museveni, ruler of the Matooke Republic, is obsessed with senior security officials of Rwanda. Katureebe’s imaginary tales on RDF and RNP hold no water and many are simply inspired by the sorry state of UPDF and UG Police.

Ugandan armed forces leadership continuously suffers assassinations, torture, and arbitrary arrest from Museveni.

Katureebe, a failure at everything in life except ass licking, clearly is deflecting from one thing: the fate of Uganda ISO boss Kaka Bagyenda. Senile Museveni’s chief torturer, Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho, the little thug of a weasel has been after Bagyenda’s head. Kandiho, another paymaster of ass licker Katureebe, is feeding him fictions about Rwanda, the better to keep attention on Rwanda as he plots terrible things for Kaka.

Contrary to Katureebe’s concocted fictions about Rwanda, none of the Generals he writes about are “under arrest” or “house arrest”. Rwanda is a country of law and order (and even when an arrest happens it is through due process). In the Matooke Republic things are much different.

Kasirye Gwanga and Henry Tumukunde’s perils are proof of the injustices perpetrated in Senile Museveni’s Matooke Republic. Tumukunde and Gwanga in fact should consider themselves lucky that the only thing that happened to them was that they were arbitrarily thrown into the jail!

There are hundreds that Museveni simply opts to extra-judiciarily eliminate the moment they are perceived as a threat. The wicked dictator, senile Museveni has eliminated: Brig. Noble Mayombo, Gen. James Kazini, Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, and others, whether security officers or civilians.

It is now confirmed the squalid little weasel, Kandiho has convinced evil but senile dictator Museveni to eliminate Kaka – “the way they eliminated Gen. Aronda – with slow-working poison. Ass licker Katureebe thinks he can fool people with his anti-Rwanda fictions. He is deluded!

He will have to explain what’s happening to Kaka first; has the ISO boss already ingested some “Nakasongola lab products”?

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