Despot Museveni’s incitement of Goma residents recalls his previous role in dividing Hema, Lendu and Nande tribes to loot DRC 

The protests that erupted yesterday in the city center of Goma have recalled bad memories of bloody conflict between Hema, Lendu and Nande or Andandi clansmen which were fueled by inept despot Museveni in the mineral rich region of Ituri around 2017. 

Dictator Museveni thought he could use his background as a former herdsman and sow division between Hema people in Eastern DRC commonly known for cattle keeping and Lendu who are predominantly farmers. Through his death merchant agent Abel Kandiho, the ruthless psychopath armed a militia full of Hema tribesmen to exterminate Lendu people, a situation he exploited and plundered Ituri region. In his usual techniques of divide and rule, he fanned violence and sent militia men to mine gold at the expense of killings between the two tribes. 

The same Ugandan ruler is the one financing Nande/Andandi people to sow and demonstrate extreme hatred towards Rwandans in Goma. Time and again, the octogenarian Dictator of Matooke Republic has proved to be the main source of instability in the region, not only with his always failing attempts to destabilize Rwanda, but against South Sudan, Somalia, and the Congo itself. 

Stay tuned.

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