Why has despot Museveni offered an unceasing support to genocidal force like FDLR?

In 2005, criminal Museveni openly demonstrated will to work with defunct genocidal forces that had retreated to DRC and wanted to reorganize and attack Rwanda. We all remember how FDLR top leader, then, Ignace Murwanashyaka traveled from Rubero/Masisi to Kampala to meet a delegation sent by Museveni. 

Heading to Kampala Murwanashyaka was travelling with other five military men, including Col. Omar Ntibiragaba, Lt. Col Andrew Karume, Maj James Kakure alias Mpiranyi, Major Wellars Nsengiyumva and Hycinth Rafiki. All these former FAR soldiers had cases of genocide to answer in Rwanda but despot Museveni decided to sweep it under the carpet and provided them with Ugandan passports to carry on their genocide agenda.

Although Ignace Murwanashyaka came to die in Germany, pending his genocide trial and having attempted means to destabilize Rwanda in vain, the support to FDLR did not stop. In 2018 inept and treacherous Museveni was again caught red-handed meeting remnants of FDLR force through his former Minister of regional integration, Philemon Mateke (a known pro-hutu ideologue). Two FDLR Intelligence officers, then, namely Ignace Nkaka alias La Forge fils Bazeyi and Jean Pierre Nsekanabo alias Abega were promised all possible support by Museveni’s government, though it did not happen as planned. The two were later arrested at Bunagana on their way back to DRC and they are currently under trial in Rwanda. 

Dear citizens of Matooke Republic, we have said it before and we will say it again, inept despot and senile Museveni is a regional cancer who is always after his interests that are based on conflicts and divisionism. His partnership with genocidal force so far has proven futile. 

Unless anybody else knows how successful Despot Museveni has faired in such plans, he would tell us, otherwise we should all agree that greedy and selfish senile Museveni is a pain in the region.

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