Laughable RNC groupie Kambanda and his wild wishful thinking about convicted terrorist- Rusesagabina

“Sex-for-grades Prof.” Kambanda and his fellow RNC minions have taken their street brawling to social media platforms, with their foolish and wishful thinking against the Rwandan leadership.

The fraudulent “professor” lacks basic knowledge on how the International Criminal Court conducts its businesses, but he (and other RNC trolls), yaps about the Rwandan president “going to ICC.” This delusional Kambanda, remember, is a member of a terrorist group (RNC)!

And what is the basis of his wild delusions? The invented claim that “Rusesabagina was kidnapped.” These liars are funny now. Rusesabagina, a Rwandan citizen will have to answer for the terrorism crimes of his FLN – attacks that claimed the lives of nine innocent Rwandans, injured others, and destroyed property. Hence, Kambanda and fellow trolls will cry (crocodile tears), but they deceive only themselves – especially with their concocted smears against the president of Rwanda.

Rusesabagina was convicted by a competent court in Rwanda, with jurisdictions to try terrorism related charges in fair and transparent. Noteworthy is the fact this is a trial in which the United States (through its law-enforcement agencies) cooperated, sharing critical pieces of evidence with the Rwandan prosecution.

It is so ironic that Kambanda, a criminal paedophile that ran away from Rwanda to avoid accountability, is the one that dares spew his daily smears. He has positioned himself as a “critic of the Rwandan leadership”, to earn himself some sort of relevance, and political asylum.

Kambanda should be preparing his counsel. It’s a just a matter of time, but he will have his day in court to answer for his crimes.

Watch this space.

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