Paranoid DR Congo leaders unsettled by Rwanda’s show of maturity and composure

Congo regime rulers have continued to demonstrate bad faith in their public utterances concerning the state of relations with Rwanda. In yet another post Luanda press briefing, DRC foreign minister Christopher Lutundula and the government spokesperson, Patrick Muyaya have maintained their misleading claims about the situation in the Eastern Congo. They have maintained the DRC propaganda that “the conflict is external,” and that “Rwanda is at the centre of it all.”

Meanwhile, even after all this show of immaturity and and bad faith, Rwanda has heeded the call by the ICGLR and AU through the Angolan President-João Lourenço to go to the negotiations table to ease tensions.

Apparently, the Congo regime is bothered by Rwanda’s show of composure as opposed to agitation against their provocations. Rwanda’s message is simple: peace with everyone, but the Congolese should show the leadership to own their problems, and deal with them without dragging in Rwanda. Engaging in violent confrontations would have to be a last resort.

Even though the Congolese know that their persistent accusations that Rwanda supports M23 rebel group are mere propaganda, they have deliberately kept it up. The Congolese have never shown anything to support their wild allegations.

The Congolese regime has shown two kidnapped soldiers, fake aerial drone pictures, and two individuals who later turned out to be Congolese nationals working as barbers from Rutshuru. These are signs of desperation. Tshisekedi regime ought to stop working with FDLR, and deal squarely with internal security issues.

With the FDLR factor and the provocations by the Congolese army, Rwanda had all motives and justifications to take drastic measures to defend itself. However, Rwanda exercised utmost restraint and maintained calm and composure in the midst of the barrage of concocted accusations as well as provocations.

But restraint should never be taken for weakness.

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