UNGoE report pins DRC on sponsoring FDLR

Outright mediocrity plays out in the public gallery as Congolese authorities, journalists and influencers in the digital media are caught up in frenzied celebrations of allegedly leaked United Nations Group of Experts (UNGoE) report whose shocking revelations expose DRC’s complicity in crimes committed on its own territory, something they have been blaming on neighbors.

Ironically, tables have turned on Tshisekedi regime, the report pins his government on sponsoring armed terrorists groups in the Eastern Congo. They include FDLR, a blacklisted notorious genocidal group that has been wreaking terror on innocent Congolese nationals leaving thousands dead and properties looted.

The leaked report revealed how the DRC army collaborates with FDLR in the destabilization of the region. The government supplies guns and other military logistics to FDLR and other armed militias.

The report in fact, implicate the DRC in the appalling crimes perpetrated against the Congolese people, which also corroborates the complicity in the recent shelling of rockets on the Rwandan territory that was jointly carried out by the FARDC and the FDLR.

The UN experts raise very pertinent concerns which also vindicate Rwanda on her raised concerns over the unholy alliances between DRC and the FDLR whose sole intent is to destabilize Rwanda.

Peace will only remain a dream for the Great Lakes Region until the DRC government ceases working with armed terrorists groups, the alliance impedes the peace efforts to have the a peaceful, stable and conflict-free region.

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