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Chimpreport And CMI Damage Control Mode

In an attempt to control on of the most embarrassing moments for the Ugandan President, several outlets close to the regime are floating a distortion of fact on the Uganda-Rwanda MOU just signed in Angola. Chimpreport, reputed to be under the payroll of the Ugandan Military Intelligence agency CMI, along […]

Terrorist Kayumba getting more jealous

Driven by jealousy, fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa does not cease attacking Rwandan leaders especially Gen James Karebe. For many occasions, the terrorist has falsely accused Gen Kabarebe, talked ill using hateful words, forged stories among others. No single day he has provided proof for his allegations which turns all these stories […]

“We fought” – do they own Uganda?

Museveni’s mouthpieces have found it difficult to understand the relationship between a liberator and the citizen. Liberating a country does not mean making it personal property. Hence every citizen’s right should be respected. But this is almost impossible in “Exhibit 1510” country. They claim that Museveni contributed a lot in […]