“We fought” – do they own Uganda?

Museveni’s mouthpieces have found it difficult to understand the relationship between a liberator and the citizen. Liberating a country does not mean making it personal property. Hence every citizen’s right should be respected. But this is almost impossible in “Exhibit 1510” country. They claim that Museveni contributed a lot in […]

Rwanda Could Start Issuing Municipal Bonds

Rwanda is planning a pilot program that will enable district entities to start issuing bonds to scale up their long term sources of revenues. This was discussed at stakeholder’s workshop this Wednesday in Kigali, which brought together Ministries of Local Government, Finance and Rwanda Capital Markets Authority (CMA) among key […]

DR Congo tests 12 more patients for Ebola

Twelve people were ordered to undergo testing for possible Ebola infection in Goma in DR Congo on Saturday, only days after three patients in the densely populated city tested positive for the disease, the country’s presidency said. “A total of 12 people from various centres on the outskirts (of Goma) […]